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Wed, 07.16.2014 09:58
Daniel, I don't have HBO and have never heard of Criminal Minds. You simpleton repubs think ju [...]
Tue, 07.15.2014 21:26
Shocked ? Really ? Its called inflation commissioners ! Just like the pay ! It has to increa [...]
Tue, 07.15.2014 10:18
I too went around buidling and not a lot of cars. I know vets and no go there ?
Tue, 07.15.2014 07:56
How can anyone not know why morale is low in the county? Look at how employees are treated. [...]
Mon, 07.14.2014 14:56
You always have something to say don't you? Perhaps you should run for the BOC? You always h [...]
Mon, 07.14.2014 14:52
Well, it is the "followers" that work in the complex that bring them down in other areas. Whe [...]
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