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Tue, 07.22.2014 10:04
I will vote.
Tue, 07.22.2014 01:07
Just purchased a 1999 Toyota 4Runner for a meager $1350 with a bad engine. I have to spend $1 [...]
Mon, 07.21.2014 23:46
Don't worry, no one here will "test" your "manhood" lol. I'm probably the last citizen that yo [...]
Mon, 07.21.2014 22:56
Agreed. A naive, sophomoric, politically correct solution to a non-issue. I'm curious as to wh [...]
Mon, 07.21.2014 05:49
Government controls healthcare through CMS, Center for Medicare Services. This arm of governme [...]
Fri, 07.18.2014 23:33
Privitize EMS? Madison County best resources are in emergency servives. Volunteer fire and res [...]
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