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Sun, 12.21.2014 16:59
I'm just asking a question here so I can understand......The public has freedom of speech to s [...]
Sun, 12.21.2014 12:58
Youngblood has a Nazi mentality, wanting to dominate and have everything his way. Fortson fol [...]
Sun, 12.21.2014 11:05
Interesting that Fortson and Pritchett would not take the implied 'blame' for the lawsuit pend [...]
Sun, 12.21.2014 06:19
No wonder there are so many issues in this county, it's being run by high schoolers.
Fri, 12.19.2014 13:11
Love it! There is NOT going to be a crematory on Booger Hill! Mr. Dove has shot this thing dow [...]
Fri, 12.19.2014 08:07
Well Anthony Dove knew this was the action to take all along. Wait the funeral home out until [...]
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