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Fri, 10.31.2014 12:37
I think you're completely wrong. Back in your day, you may have had prayer and said the pledge [...]
Fri, 10.31.2014 12:08
".......everything we love in Georgia." Speak for yourself or define "we". You may love G [...]
Fri, 10.31.2014 12:02
Errors in math or history aside, I like this column. The story of Muhammad in Islam is very, v [...]
Fri, 10.31.2014 11:39
Yeah, I remember that; I was one of those, going along and resenting it deeply just to keep fr [...]
Fri, 10.31.2014 11:24
You have it exactly right! Well said. And John Lennon said it best. "Imagine there's no Hea [...]
Fri, 10.31.2014 10:03
Veteran- I am SICK and tired of hearing people say the BOE and our county leaders didn't want [...]
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