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Fri, 08.22.2014 08:30
I agree that only the needy should receive this food. The program does employ a few people, wh [...]
Fri, 08.22.2014 07:48
Right on, Richard. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, the media has too much control over who [...]
Thu, 08.21.2014 16:08
Yeah and keep in mind that's one percent since 2007 !
Thu, 08.21.2014 15:14
Gawd tired of people wanting more from me and the taxes I pay. I do not smoke or use alchol o [...]
Wed, 08.20.2014 12:55
Christie ............ really keep on posting
Wed, 08.20.2014 09:02
It has for such a long time befuddled me why we keep voting for the same parties and rhetoric. [...]
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