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Thu, 10.23.2014 10:39
Again, Veteran, good perspective and point of view.
Thu, 10.23.2014 10:37
#2, #3, and #5 Ditto, Ditto and Ditto. Particularly #5. If the commission overturns the p [...]
Thu, 10.23.2014 10:31
Thanks. Lest we forget. Perspective is good.
Thu, 10.23.2014 10:26
Apparently you didn't notice that my post was a generalized statement, not a direct response t [...]
Thu, 10.23.2014 10:16
It's always refreshing to read a reasonable post here. I must say I agree with these sentiment [...]
Thu, 10.23.2014 10:11
Hello Everyone! I just had to share this. We finally registered our three vehicles in New M [...]
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