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Thu, 10.30.2014 17:38
Veteran- BUT the Constitution DOES NOT SAY you CAN'T put NOTHING Religious on NO school ground [...]
Thu, 10.30.2014 16:17
ANON- Be careful what you say on here? I remember when the people of Madison Co. were B:);)$$ [...]
Thu, 10.30.2014 13:50
GaltMeister- Don't try to turn "YOUR" words around to make it sound like I said it BUT YOU mad [...]
Thu, 10.30.2014 13:14
Veteran- I would have to say I agree with your last post? AND GaltMeister makes it sound like [...]
Thu, 10.30.2014 10:50
Drove through that area yesterday and haven't seen any "For Sale" signs in front of any of the [...]
Thu, 10.30.2014 10:19
I feel for ya Ben. I went to see a movie not long ago called God's not dead. Maybe you need [...]
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