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Tue, 12.23.2014 10:16
Agreed. And the Gone Fishin' sign on the door speaks to the professionalism of the office.
Tue, 12.23.2014 09:31
Hey is that Jack Huff fella still around ? If so maybe he should go also. Not sure worth sal [...]
Mon, 12.22.2014 20:52
“It is afforded to the public to say anything about a public official,” said Dove. ” Who is [...]
Mon, 12.22.2014 18:49
I hope Ivie sues the BOC and they should have to pay for it out of their own pocket when they [...]
Mon, 12.22.2014 11:21
Well, then .............
Mon, 12.22.2014 10:27
...looks pretty gloomy for a little department that should never have been split to start with [...]
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