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Thu, 10.23.2014 22:02
GaltMeister, Thanks, I do try. I have studied many different religions and they are all very i [...]
Thu, 10.23.2014 21:33
That "firestorm" is already here. It's in countries that are killing people for not professing [...]
Thu, 10.23.2014 21:29
I wish I was an orthopedist in this area, all these jerked knees would be very profitable!
Thu, 10.23.2014 21:19
If you don't want to lectured on words then use them properly, as a professional writer you sh [...]
Thu, 10.23.2014 10:39
Again, Veteran, good perspective and point of view.
Thu, 10.23.2014 10:37
#2, #3, and #5 Ditto, Ditto and Ditto. Particularly #5. If the commission overturns the p [...]
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