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Fri, 10.31.2014 10:03
Veteran- I am SICK and tired of hearing people say the BOE and our county leaders didn't want [...]
Fri, 10.31.2014 09:39
4000 years later? Modern Humans have been around for 100,000 years. Either your Math or your H [...]
Fri, 10.31.2014 09:21
Back in my day when I was in high school we had pray time and said the Pledge of Allegiance a [...]
Thu, 10.30.2014 23:01
Spot on!! It would have been so easy to just roll with screaming crowd and be the hero and cos [...]
Thu, 10.30.2014 22:51
1) The BOE side stepped this issue by stating they accepted the statue and placed it without k [...]
Thu, 10.30.2014 22:45
If you have been reading the posts on these threads you should know why anyone would not want [...]
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