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Mon, 04.21.2014 15:38
Yes, Johnny McLendon is a hard working honest man !!! I voted for him, I have known him my en [...]
Mon, 04.21.2014 14:40
What you are calling political correctness could be "doublespeak" for a distain of liberal id [...]
Mon, 04.21.2014 14:12
Precious memories. Beautifully written.
Mon, 04.21.2014 12:59
That is a joke! We are better off with Pethel which does not say much, but atleast he pays his [...]
Sat, 04.19.2014 12:49
I love these stories! If nothing else, it makes me so appreciate modern life and at the same t [...]
Fri, 04.18.2014 13:43
An honest, hard-working, respectful man did run against Pethel - Johnny McLendon. But Pethel' [...]
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