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Tue, 09.30.2014 14:20
Quote: “Apparently, I’m a fool,” said Fleeman. You got that right. Straight from the horse' [...]
Tue, 09.30.2014 13:40
Ya all y'all that wants to trash the glorious monument are to afraid to really stand for you b [...]
Tue, 09.30.2014 13:17
Very well put Mark . As both sides of the argument will continue and neither most likely will [...]
Tue, 09.30.2014 12:25
Good point! Would this same anonymous donor spend their money to donate a monument to encourag [...]
Tue, 09.30.2014 11:34
no it's not! Standing on what is true. We are pride not afraid to let the people know Jesus. O [...]
Tue, 09.30.2014 11:15
Anon,9/30/2014. 12:15. Silly, No body has spent money on the monument. It was donated.
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