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Sun, 07.27.2014 18:56
I do not know about Israel but I know I am not for history in schools unless it was truthful h [...]
Sun, 07.27.2014 05:57
Seems the commenters here did not read the article. Or they don't have children and don't unde [...]
Sat, 07.26.2014 14:36
Israel must not be in favor of any history classes in school.
Sat, 07.26.2014 13:48
Time for this DA to hit the road and go back where he came from !!!! Looks like he is just [...]
Fri, 07.25.2014 19:49
I in no way was trying to detract from the actual tragedy that happened . It should not have h [...]
Jack Darrell Fortson Sheriff (Ret.) about On Race and Justice: A look back at the murder of Lemuel Penn
Fri, 07.25.2014 18:13
Anonymous, You are right, I well remember this case as I was elected Sheriff in 1972 replacein [...]
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