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Wed, 10.29.2014 22:23
Ben Had, I was one of the Pastors at the school board meeting. I am also the Pastor who wrote [...]
Wed, 10.29.2014 08:49
Sadly David, you are wrong. They were very courageous for choosing a path that was very unpopu [...]
Wed, 10.29.2014 00:08
How are they spineless by following the law? Just because you want something doesn't make it r [...]
Wed, 10.29.2014 00:00
These comments are the exact reason why we need the Supreme Court to continue upholding the se [...]
Tue, 10.28.2014 23:51
You should really read a little further. This is how the Supreme Court interprets the first am [...]
Tue, 10.28.2014 23:31
Wow! Didn't mean to strike a nerve there. Some people are working that much just to put food o [...]
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