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Thu, 10.23.2014 04:31
Strickland Funeral Home has a crematorium in the middle of Hartwell and people have lived arou [...]
Wed, 10.22.2014 10:35
"The display of images or messages on government property equals endorsement and is not allowe [...]
Wed, 10.22.2014 05:42
John, you know it isn't about the kids, it's about the older people. The ones who have been br [...]
Tue, 10.21.2014 20:59
I'm really amazed that you're not the common secular dolt that's constantly espousing anti-rel [...]
Tue, 10.21.2014 20:39
For all of you secularists... Would you keep the monument if it had scripture from the "Religi [...]
Tue, 10.21.2014 20:21
Sometimes I just have to shake my head. The people complaining are just plain ignorant. "Toxic [...]
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