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Wed, 08.20.2014 12:55
Christie ............ really keep on posting
Wed, 08.20.2014 09:02
It has for such a long time befuddled me why we keep voting for the same parties and rhetoric. [...]
Wed, 08.20.2014 08:11
feeding the needy children who at no fault of their own go hungry due to marginal parents in m [...]
Tue, 08.19.2014 13:06
Old Jake these building same as Sam Bruce Rd that people still laugh and talk about. Its the t [...]
Tue, 08.19.2014 09:27
Mr. Smith how many EMS calls from the district occurred in 2012 and 2013 ? Are we going to us [...]
Sun, 08.17.2014 21:04
The glare issue will be the thing to considered when applying LED traffic lights! There are c [...]
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