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Mon, 10.20.2014 15:22
Ms. Hale, you confuse "endorsement" of religion with "existence" of religion. Shame.
Mon, 10.20.2014 14:35
Yes. We all know God and Jesus are all for young men hurting each other, damaging legs, knees, [...]
Mon, 10.20.2014 13:11
Well,can't the people of the county see what the commissioners are doing? They are going along [...]
Mon, 10.20.2014 10:55
#65Anon on 10/20/2014 at 11:45A.M. When the scriptures are took off the monument ,I think that [...]
Mon, 10.20.2014 10:52
"Christians should take a stand for what they believe and try to get this world in order. Howe [...]
Mon, 10.20.2014 10:26
Wait - the business owner did everything required, was already granted a building permit back [...]
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