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Tue, 12.16.2014 14:30
While I am no big fan of " preacher" Cowart, the county needs to back off. Just costing us ta [...]
Tue, 12.16.2014 10:43
Call UGA : your rain view is about as wet as some of your thoughts lady. Gawd even hate to an [...]
Tue, 12.16.2014 08:00
Is there a like button for this?
Tue, 12.16.2014 02:58
This is because the world should be that way
Mon, 12.15.2014 20:04
Exactly as Virginia noted, it has nothing to do with the folks in zoning, it's the health dept [...]
Mon, 12.15.2014 19:29
How can you call yourself a Christian while hating on others? Atheists don't harm children: [...]
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