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Thu, 11.20.2014 10:09
Bob Lavendar wasn't doing the job. Cases were just sitting open. Parks is doing the job the be [...]
Thu, 11.20.2014 04:00
Mr. Adams that is a double edge sword. Why should atheist pay taxes to a system that has nothi [...]
Wed, 11.19.2014 18:54
The "smell test" you are referring to is the stench our last DA left...Parks is doing the job [...]
Wed, 11.19.2014 18:51
He is plenty man enough for the job...he DOES the job unlike our previous DA.
Wed, 11.19.2014 15:49
Amen ! Do the job you ran for Mr White. If you cant handle the heat then get out of the oven !
Wed, 11.19.2014 05:50
Im just 51 and this sounds exactly like my life growing up. We did all that my dad was old sch [...]
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