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Fri, 08.15.2014 09:20
Hey Joe who you supporting with your comment. Let us know so I can vote for the other guy. He [...]
Thu, 08.14.2014 18:22
And shame on anyone who would fork over hundreds of dollars for a "pure-bred" animal, also kno [...]
Thu, 08.14.2014 15:56
Re: repair of the Health Dept. Call me crazy, and uninformed, but why doesn't the county hold [...]
Thu, 08.14.2014 10:05
I remember Sam Bruce road. Made lot of persons mad later on that supported it as felt handled [...]
Thu, 08.14.2014 07:43
God bless all people that adopt pets from the shelter. They are the best animals ever!
Thu, 08.14.2014 04:38
How about some information as to who the commissioners were that approved building TWO buildin [...]
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