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Mon, 12.15.2014 19:29
How can you call yourself a Christian while hating on others? Atheists don't harm children: [...]
Mon, 12.15.2014 18:25
The disposal of embalming fluid makes a better argument for the crematory. Nobody has to worry [...]
Mon, 12.15.2014 18:10
Changing demographics will prove to be the demise of the Republican's reign in the south. You [...]
Mon, 12.15.2014 17:47
If the funeral home is not in compliance with the disposal of fluids they should be made to do [...]
Mon, 12.15.2014 14:37
Are they also filing suit against Jackson County for blocking the crematory from their Commerc [...]
Mon, 12.15.2014 13:38
We are not taking our nation back but giving control to the corporate lobbyist that will be bu [...]
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