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Fri, 07.25.2014 12:43
You have it right Anonymous!
Fri, 07.25.2014 11:49
To SMITH : time has passed and is healing our country. Just like Irish no longer hated for exa [...]
Fri, 07.25.2014 10:26
It is called history. It is important because it happened and we never want to see that kind [...]
Thu, 07.24.2014 21:52
Exactly what is the purpose of this story ? Something put out by a race monger just to produ [...]
Thu, 07.24.2014 11:45
Remember it well. Sad that a human life could be taken so easily and callously and that other [...]
Thu, 07.24.2014 07:57
Well John, you have the one that comes in late and leaves early and has been there for years a [...]
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