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Wed, 11.26.2014 11:52
Apparently this guy is a socialist. When the government takes over the internet our society be [...]
Mon, 11.24.2014 12:23
You said, "America is not a Christian nation and never has been." You simply ignored what was [...]
Mon, 11.24.2014 10:15
Hi Ben . Aren't you the same person who once said we needed all the illegals so we could buy [...]
Mon, 11.24.2014 06:36
Obamacare is illegal? I thought the Supreme Court ruled otherwise. To blame "ignorant voters [...]
Sun, 11.23.2014 16:51
Oh, dear! You finally let them get to you. Can't blame you; it's so very frustrating. Time t [...]
Sun, 11.23.2014 16:44
It's like a public utility; neutral seems appropriate. However, for those of us who use the in [...]
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