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Mon, 12.22.2014 09:56
Exactly..with high school education only.
Mon, 12.22.2014 09:55
Give someone like Youngblood a little bit of power and he thinks he is the man! Lack of charac [...]
Mon, 12.22.2014 08:46
".... should have notified other officials and the public when that permit was issued." W [...]
Mon, 12.22.2014 07:54
So sure, are you? Are you going to "love it" when the courts side with Ivie and you have to ea [...]
Sun, 12.21.2014 19:14
There is absolutely a policy about social media. Most companies have one. Go and work at any c [...]
Sun, 12.21.2014 18:21
Citizen, you have clearly hit the nail on the head. Youngblood has become a raving lunatic, he [...]
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