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Tue, 08.26.2014 17:41
Another hater of the Constitution, I suppose. No, I'm going to stay right here and do my bes [...]
Tue, 08.26.2014 17:38
Nothing wrong with the statue? Not very bright, are you. It violates the Establishment Clause [...]
Tue, 08.26.2014 17:33
Typical Daniel with his attempts to deflect attention away from the issue at hand with his non [...]
Tue, 08.26.2014 13:55
I had Doc for three years when we were in HS - Biology, Chemistry and Physics. He was a chara [...]
Local about Goss gets 12 years
Tue, 08.26.2014 11:56
BS ; the crooks always get people to say there are innocent.
Mon, 08.25.2014 21:36
You have to remember that Ben Had does not concern himself with crimes that place members of t [...]
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