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30th annual LZ Friendly weekend starts Friday

Retiring Madison County School System personnel were recognized at the May business meeting of the board of education. Pictured are: Sandra Ash, Virginia Austin, Joan Baird, Susan Beckham, Marianne Boggs, Tamara Bowman, Cynthia Cox, Sheree Greene, Brenda Hill, Leslie Barrett-Jones, Kerry Nash, Tina Smith, Helen “Ba” Steedman and Constance Washburn. Also pictured is superintendent Dr. Allen McCannon. Not pictured: Regina Benson, Kathy Perry and Janie Strickland. Margie Richards/staff

Retiring school personnel recognized by board of education

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Danielsville approves revised animal control ordinance

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Warrant issued for 19-year old for disorderly conduct

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Updated: OPINION: We must reduce the size of the federal gov’t

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