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Madison County historian Linda Fortson, dressed in 1901 attire, led citizens through the old county courthouse and “back in time” Sept. 6 during the Danielsville Fall Festival. John Hopkins, dressed as Gen. Alan Daniel, gave locals an overview of the life of Gen. Daniel, for whom Danielsville was named. Zach Mitcham/staff

Citizens tour courthouse, learn about county history

Updated: BOC approves road-paving projects

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BOC approves road striping

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Couple arrested after Hillwood Drive fight

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Fri, 09.19.2014 14:20
What's ridiculous is that the sheriff is sending his deputies on non-police business calls whe [...]
Fri, 09.19.2014 05:48
The Saudi's owned the Bush family. Oil? You betcha. Inside job Conspiracies? How did those bu [...]
Thu, 09.18.2014 09:05
Just what we need to be doing when we are a million dollars in the hole ! This makes no sense [...]
Wed, 09.17.2014 10:12
Why would anyone want to subject themselves to this kind of punishment ? First the pay is terr [...]
Mon, 09.15.2014 10:40
The Dahlonega Mint shut down in 1861 and not 1961. There was a second gold rush in Dahlonega f [...]
Sun, 09.14.2014 17:10
"Dahlonega Mint produced gold coins from 1838 to 1961" Nah, maybe 1861- not 1961
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